Resources & Partners

At the Capital Region MBDA Business Center, we partner with organizations throughout the region to help minority-owned businesses thrive.


Our partnerships include the following:

MBDA | Services
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The Capital Region Business Center is committed to economic prosperity of all American business enterprises with a focus on promoting minority owned business enterprises. This Center has a proven track record of assisting clients secure contract opportunities, develop teaming agreements and establish partnerships in the private and public sector. In addition, we deliver business and technical assistance that aides significant growth and sustainability of MBEs to help them improve their competitiveness and to positively impact the economy through the creation of jobs and revenue.


Current business consulting services include:

Access to Contracts

Our experienced business consultants will identify procurement opportunities, arrange meetings, provide detailed insight when available, and introduce businesses to key decision makers in the procurement process.We have over 99 years of combined experience with the acquisition of goods and services in the federal, state, local and commercial sector. Additionally our consultants can:


  • Introduce our clients to key individuals in the procurement and program stream in the government and commercial sector
  • Introduce clients to partner or joint venture with majority firms
  • Introduce clients to partner or team with other minority firms
  • Introduce businesses to one another for purposes of collaboration


Access to Capital and Surety Needs

Our business consultants interact with bankers, financial advisors, sureties, insurance brokers, and financial advisors for the sole purpose of advancing the growth and development of minority businesses. We have a cadre of resources that we would like to refer you to. So, depending on your financial needs, we would like to speak with you and connect you to the proper resource.

We know that accessing capital is a challenge in growing your business. Our experienced consultants will identify competent sources to assist you with obtaining capital for operations, equipment, real estate, construction and other financial needs. Additionally, our consultants can be of assistance with sureties and insurance needs.


  • We will introduce you to loan officers that participate in the Small Business Administration’s loan Guarantee program
  • We will seek out alternative financing for you
  • We will identify expert assistance with valuation, succession planning and mergers and acquisitions.


With sureties and insurance our consultants can:


  • Identify qualities in an accounting system that sureties require
  • Assist in the selection of a broker
  • Coach businesses with the terms and general guidelines for securing and/or expanding their bonding or insurance needs
  • Discuss your general liability needs and direct you to qualified firms that can be of assistance in reducing and mitigating your risk.


Access to Foreign Markets

Our Business Consultants have expansive global connections. They stay connected to the network of global trade in the Caribbean, South America, Africa, India, Europe and Asia.


  • Global entrepreneurism is growing. We understand its importance to the business community, and how to prepare for it. We can introduce you to resources that will connect you to the right market and guide you to sources that are credible and reliant.