Resources & Partners

At the Capital Region MBDA Business Center, we partner with organizations throughout the region to help minority-owned businesses thrive.


Our partnerships include the following:

MBDA | Success Story – Jobs
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Success Story – Jobs

First Choice Masonry

First Choice Masonry is a masonry and concrete services firm that opened its doors approximately ten (10) years ago. It is one of the region’s fastest growing firms. It will eclipse $20 million dollars in 2018. The Center’s Project Director, Dennis Smith, has been on the ground floor with this contractor for nearly seven years. Over the past year the Center has led the way in assisting First Choice Masonry with a $3.1 million dollar award at Washington Adventist and a $3.2 million dollar award at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden. These awarded contracts have created and retained over 100 jobs. First Choice Masonry’s most recent award has been Washington D.C’s. new soccer stadium. Work on this project should be starting in the early spring of 2018. We look forward to continued success in propelling First Choice Masonry forward and creating more jobs in the region.